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Mummy Makeover
The body undergoes considerable change as a result of pregnancy, child birth and breast feeding. These changes are usually most noticeable in the breasts and tummy. Diet and exercise are not always fully effective and women may never regain the body shape they had prior to having children. While these changes may not be an issue for some women, they may have a profound effect on others who feel unhappy with their body, and resulting in a loss of confidence and self-esteem. This can ultimately affect the relationship with their partner and their overall quality of life.

Miss Tadiparthi being a mum of three children herself and having several ‘mummy’ friends is personally aware of the changes that can happen to the female body and the concerns women have regarding their bodies after having children. 

What is a ‘mummy makeover’?

A mummy or mommy makeover (also called ‘yummy mummy surgery’) is a combination of different surgical procedures for the breasts, tummy, hips and other areas to reverse some of the changes which have naturally occurred to the body following pregnancy, childbirth and breast feeding. Miss Tadiparthi will go through all of your concerns and see which surgical options would give your desired result.  The procedures are fully individualised and tailored to deal with your areas of concern and meet your expectations.
The most cases, the breasts lose volume and become droopy as a result of both pregnancy and breastfeeding. In some women, the breasts increase in size and do not return to their original size.

During pregnancy, the tummy muscles and the overlying skin are stretched leaving a bulging tummy with excess folds of skin and fat. Stretch marks may have developed especially in the lower part of the tummy. Fat often preferentially accumulates around the tummy area in pregnancy to protect the growing baby and while diet and exercise may help, there may be residual areas of excess skin and fat that may not go away over time.

The surgical procedures are aimed to address these areas of concern in women who have had children and wish to regain their body shape. A mummy makeover typically consists of:

Breasts: either an augmentation (implants) or a mastopexy (breast lift with or without implants) or reduction in breast size which also uplifts the breasts
Tummy: Mini tummy tuck or full tummy tuck (abdominoplasty)
Liposuction: to the flanks, hips or tummy

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I had a mini tummy tuck and Sujatha has done exactly what I asked of her.  I felt comfortable trusted her right from our first meeting. The communication has been fantastic. My scar is really neat and tidy compared to other scars I have seen on the Internet. Honestly, I couldn't be happier with the results.

Mini tummy tuck / mini abdominoplasty patient, July 2021.

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I couldn’t recommend Miss Tadiparthi enough! She is fantastic, she has so much knowledge and has a lovely way of putting you completely at ease.

Breast Augmentation Patient, June 2021.

Verified ★★★★★ review on iwantgreatcare

I wish now I hadn’t waited so long…. everything about the procedure was as good as it could have been, and better than I could have imagined. This was high class, speedy treatment ….  at a very reasonable cost …. I recommend Miss Tadiparthi, who was easy to speak to, very understanding and did a superb job ….

Lipoma Removal Patient, June 2021

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I have had a great journey and extremely happy with the results. Su Tadipathi immediately puts you at ease, gives her full attention throughout and hands-on care during your healing process. She is truly a caring individual and together with her team provide all her patients with exceptional attentiveness.

Abdominoplasty patient, April 2021

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I had a Labiaplasty with Miss Tadiparthi. I was made to feel very comfortable and Miss Tadiparthi was extremely professional ... Communication was very good and helpful. I recovered very quickly with minimal pain and no complications. You cannot see any scars ... I should have done it years ago!

Labiaplasty patient, April 2021

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I had many consultations, but the surgeon that was best by far was Miss Tadiparthi. She has a lovely manner…. from consultation -through surgery-and after care she and her team make you feel welcome and cared for.

Breast Reduction, November 2020

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Miss Tadiparthi was very informative at all stages of the process. Very knowledgeable and empathic throughout. A very professional service and made to feel at ease at all times. Very pleased with the results so thank you very much.

Split Earlobe Repair, September 2020

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Very impressed with my experience from start to finish. Miss Tadiparti was friendly, helpful and fully explained my options. I have been very pleased with the results of the treatment and it has made a big difference to my confidence.

Mole Removal, September 2020

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I am absolutely delighted with the results. The scar is hardly visible and perfectly hidden in the wrinkle line. Very professional service and approach throughout the whole procedure. I would unreservedly recommend Miss Tadiparthi’s practice.

Lipoma Removal, September 2020

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Su Tadiparthi was very professional. I was extremely nervous about the procedure…. I went back twice to see Su to be reassured on measurements, size etc without being forced into anything. I love my new natural look. Thank you...

Mastopexy with implants, Dec 2016

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I can't stop thanking Miss Tadiparthi for the tremendous change she has made to my life. Now I look in the mirror and I smile. The result is great, I feel fantastic, my self-confidence is through the roof… Miss Su Tadiparthi is a special person. Thank you ….You are the best!

Abdominoplasty & mastopexy, 2016

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